Section 179 Tax Savings on Grenadier

Did you know that you could get a tax break on the purchase of an INEOS Grenadier 4×4? Yes, this is possible under the Section 179 tax deduction. The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) provides this tax break to small or medium commercial businesses to deduct from the price of business equipment.

Section 179 allows business taxpayers to deduct the cost of a vehicle as an expense in the year when the it is first placed in service. it is not an automatic deduction and you will have to apply for it.

Your business must prove that the vehicle is used more than 50% of the time for commercial purposes.

What Vehicles Are Eligible For Section 179?

The IRS determines the eligibility based on the GVWR (Gross Vehicle Weight Rating) which is the maximum safe weight of your vehicle.

Heavy vehicles that weigh over 6,000 pounds (but no more than 14,000 pounds) qualify for a Section 179 deduction.

For 2023, the provision for the deduction will be 80% of an asset’s cost will be reduced annually by 20% until it expires at the end of 2026. The vehicle must be purchased by December 31st to qualify for that tax year.

This tax break can be used on an INEOS Grenadier, the Grenadier Trialmaster, and Grenadier Fieldmaster. All three trims of the Grenadier qualify as “heavy” vehicles over 6,000 pounds.

For detailed questions, we recommend that you contact your accountant or tax advisor to see if you qualify for the Section 179 tax deduction.

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